The Community Play

One of the earliest ideas as the project took shape was to create a Community Play to mark the lives of the 'Nine Men' and to share that experience with the people of Madeley.

The images tell the story of the performance. They begin with an image of the Nine Men at the grave. The first scene is the Sunday morning service, attended by the Nine Men and members of the community. Community members then disperse to their homes: the Tranters on Brockholes, the Walletts on Thieve Street. On Sunday evening, the five older men and boys enjoy a pint at the George and Dragon. On Tuesday 27th September, the day of the accident, they head off for work. The play ends with the funeral of the nine.

Alison Vermee drafted a script which was then worked on and adapted by director Melissa Daly, and the children and adults of the community who took part in the performances. Three performances took place at St. Michael's Church, Madeley on 27th September 2014, exactly 150 years to the day since the disaster at Brick Kiln Leasow pit in which the nine died. Sound artist Heather Wastie created sound effects for the play, and technician Chris Phillips created the mine shaft in the church's bell tower.

Performances took place at noon, 2.30 p.m. and 4.30 p.m. Three hundred people attended.

See the programme here

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Reverend Alan Walden and of Marilyn Davies and the church community at St. Michael's.

Cast List

Edward Wallet Tony Holstead

John Tranter Richard Watkins

Benjamin Davies Rob Bennett

William Jarratt George Haddon-Gill

Joseph Maiden Frank Evans

John Farr Robert Walden

John Jones Peter Walden

Francis Cookson Lewis Lister

William Onions Luke Haughton

Rev. George Edward Yate Rev. Alan Walden

John Anstice Keith Whitton

Rosannah Tranter Heather Watkins

Ann Tranter Lara Watkins

Levi Tranter Caden Watkins

Sarah Wallett Carol de Cani

Jane Wallett Holly Watkins

Eliza Phasey Rebecca Haddon-Gill

Elizabeth Jones Linda Cream

Sarah Jarratt Iris Shingler

Nathaniel Davies Doug Fall

Ann Stubbs Sue Pointon

Rosey Evans Grace Haughton

Maria Evans Julie Haughton

George Evans Denis Haughton

Margaret Morris Jade Cancelliere

Church Organist Michael Davies

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