Brick Kiln Leasow Pit

This was a very old pit, probably sunk in the 1790s. It was over 200m deep and was often called ‘The Lane Pit’ after another local (and even older pit) with which it was connected. Another local name was ‘The Crawstone’ after the type of sandstone from which the ironstone there was recovered. The iron ore was mined to feed the furnaces at Blists Hill (also owned by the Madeley Wood Company). The ore was taken to the furnaces, from the pit, in small horse-drawn trucks running on light iron rails of narrow gauge. This line of rails was one small section of an extensive transport network linking several local pits, furnaces and foundries. Brick Kiln Leasow Pit closed in the 1890s. Today, local children sometimes refer to the site of the pit mound as ‘Black Ash’.

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